About Us
We are a business focused on aiding companies in meeting their goals and needs including:
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Brand Management
  • Business Development
  • International Trade
Our consultants have several years of experience working in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, accounting, marketing, and sales industries and provide a wealth of knowledge to clients. We serve clients throughout the United States, Africa including Nigeria, China, India, and Malaysia.

Our Corporate Headquarters
5414 Town n Country Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33615
Telephone: (813) 443-4604
Fax: (813) 443-4605

Please, feel free to contact us to initiate a consultation with our firm to see what we can do to help your business meet its goals.

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Why you should choose BCCG
Dependable, price competitive, efficient, innovative consulting firm that can give you a positive ROI, whether it be saving on supplies or business ventures.
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